That God is faithful – even on occasion against every appearance .

So over 40 years of ordained ministry, what have I learnt? Simple – that God is faithful. It was way back in 1982, an epiphany as I took the short cut from Castle Drive through the back entry to the main shops in Heswall. Such a vivid experience that I can still see the bins to my left. FAITH The Christian life comes down just to one thing: faith. That is, we function as Christians by faith, that is by trusting God to keep his promises. As the apostle Paul reminded his recalcitrant readers in Galatia: “For in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.” (Galatians 3:26). We become Christians by faith. We grow as Christians by faith. We serve Christ by faith. We o

How our smartphone can wreck our life.

In these days of Amazon and declining town centres, I try to support our local bookshop. So when the man from Waterstone’s said “It’s a great book; read it,” I bought it and read it. And it has changed my life, a bit. To be fair I had already read some reviews of this international best-seller along with one extended extract on a subject I had always found intriguing. And the bonus, as I was later to discover, is that the author who is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California (and therefore an eminent academic on top of his subject) was born and raised in Liverpool. I assume he supports EFC. Here it is on my desk: Matthew Walker – Why we sleep. T

It takes just one person for history to change course.

It’s 7:50 am. Which means I have a whole hour. So here we go: “We shall fight on the beaches . . We shall never surrender!” So ends Joe Wright’s epic film Darkest Hour as Gary Oldman’s truly impressive Churchill strides out of the House of Commons followed by thunderous acclamation. But not quite, for there is one very important end credit. We are informed that Britain received Germany’s surrender in May, 1945. At this time I thought this somewhat superfluous: it’s stating the obvious. Everyone knows we won. Or to make it more personal, Churchill beat Hitler. But on reflection it has to be said. For the simple reason that the whole film only makes sense if Churchill i

We DO because we ARE loved by God

Tomorrow could see a defining event in my life. Should I finish the Ormskirk ParkRun I will enter the elite group of those who have completed 100 runs. As a result I will wear my elite black 100 t-shirt with pride. It will go not just over my head - but more to the point, to my head. But it hasn’t been easy since a freak wave at La-Tranche-sur-Mer last August knocked me sideways, twisting my knee. And I was already receiving treatment to my left foot. But now I’m back. It will take a while to recover my fitness but at my advanced age I need to be patient and not push myself too hard. There’s a fine balance here between effort and caution – when to push yourself and when to ease of


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