What is the most important thing I will be doing today?

What is the most important thing I will be doing today? A key question for each of us. How we answer determines where we will be investing our energy, making our preparations and simply doing our best. Writing this blog has to be a candidate. I never cease to be surprised who reads it or where it finishes up. At the very least, it has potential. Another contender could be going to Goodison Park this evening to cheer on EFC. Those of you who support Crystal Palace will be delighted – for whenever I go to support Everton, they invariably lose. (Ken Park once offered to ask the Board to make me a cash settlement to stay away). Otherwise just a usual day of parish ministry, no sp

God's work will always draw flak.

Today we say farewell to Nick Walkden, who has overseen the ministry of he Ministry Centre over the last four-and-a-half years. We will miss Nick – he has been a key player in the development of this valuable resource as we share Jesus with everyone beginning in our community. He has been brilliant, both with people and with systems. A Mancunian he laughs at my jokes (when he understands them). So as we appoint his successor, once again we look to the Lord. As ever we rely on God’s provision, to send the right person at the right time. After all it’s his building and it is his ministry. For here is the basic in all Christian ministry – to know that God takes full responsibility fo

Think before you send.

In a few minutes I will be pressing SEND – and that’s it, no going back. It’s a tragedy that Tiziana Cantone, from Naples, didn’t realise this when last spring she emailed an video showing her having sex. It seemed that she wanted to make an ex jealous. In no time it went viral. According to the BBC “more than a million people watched it, and she became the subject of jokes and abuse.” Humiliated and deeply ashamed she sought to hide herself, without success. So on Tuesday she killed herself. Once you press SEND you surrender control, totally. Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, is also realising this sad truth. A thoughtful and restrained man, he shared unguarded op

On going back to the start.

Short delay. On saving this document with today’s date, I realise it is our wedding anniversary. This recognition prompts me to take my card (brand new one this year) and flowers upstairs to a sleeping Jacqui. TIP for husbands with small wives. Don’t seal the card; after one week place the card with its envelope on top of the wardrobe; after five years you have the full set so you can start reusing them). Anyway, the blog. Part of the ageing process is that you become increasingly aware of your roots. For as actress Melissa McCarthy observes: “It’s funny; as I get older I’m reverting to my roots – I want to plant stuff. “ So tomorrow when there is no ParkRun in Ormskirk (Edge Hill are

"Where to sit – our decision can change a life"

"So where should I sit?" A familiar situation: our tray loaded, we pay the cashier and then turn to find a place. An everyday decision - but one with great potential for kindness. And a fascinating story from today's New York Times. Big name US football star Travis Rudolph found himself in this situation while visiting a local school in Florida on a good-will visit with his teammates. Looking around the cafeteria during the lunch break he notices one boy eating alone, well apart from the other students. "Can I sit down here and have lunch with you?" Sure, why not?" And he did. Rudolph did not know this but the 12-year-old student, Bo Paske, has autism and usually eats alone.


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