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Expanded Moughtin genealogy
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I have added interesting information about this particular MOUGHTIN tree.

The entries are in this colour.

Arthur Moughtin (1650-1689, Jurby) marries Elin Vorey (McyIvorrey?) (1654, Jurby);

their children are Joney (1676-1732), Ann (1678), Patrick (1684),

All born in Jurby.



Patrick Moughtin (1684-1747, Jurby) marries Catherine Crebbin (1681, Andreas -1731, Jurby) at Andreas on 6 February, 1713;

their children are Arthur (1714-1742) and John (1717, Jurby)



John Moughtin (1717-1784) marries Catherine Calley (1722, Ballaugh – 1803, Jurby) at Ballaugh in 1746;

their children are Catherine (1747, Ballaugh), John (1749, Ballaugh), Arthur (1750, Jurby), John (1750, Jurby), Elinor (1757, Jurby), Patrick (1750, Jurby), David (1762, Jurby), Thomas (1765), Thomas (1768)



Arthur Moughtin (1750-) marries Catherine Cowley (1757, Ballaugh) in Jurby in 1777;

their children are John (1779) Patrick (1781), Thomas (1782), William (1784), Elinor (1787), William (1787), Arthur (1789), Arthur (1791), James (1794), Elinor (1796)  

 All born in Ballaugh



James Moughtin, (1791, Ballaugh - 14/2/1865, Jurby), a miller, marries Ann Cain, (1793 IOM- 30/12/1878, Jurby) on 3 June, 1815 at Ballaugh church;

their children are James Arthur (17 September, 1818 Jurby), John (1821 Jurby), Catherine Ann (1823, Jurby), William (1825, Andreas), Thomas (1827 twin, Ramsey), William (1827 twin, Ramsey), Robert Arthur (1830, Ramsey), Mary Ann (1833, Ramsey)


John (1821), the twins Thomas and William (1827) and Robert Arthur (1830) emigrated to New York State. 


John and the twins were tailors in the small town of Bergen. 


John decided to become a travelling Methodist preacher in the area. 

He then settled with his family in Rochester. Whether he still preached is not clear but he did establish a flourishing tailoring business on the main street in Rochester. 

His American wife, Fidelia always called him the Rev. John Morton.  


Fidelia was descended from Nicholas Knapp born in 1592 in Wells-next-the-sea in Norfolk and emigrated with puritans in 1630. Fidelia lived to be 94 and a prominent person in Rochester. 


The Morton burial plot is to be found in the Victorian Cemetery in Rochester, marked by a 23ft granite monument.


The twins spent all their life as tailors in Bergen. 

They even died the same day aged 73 of pneumonia.

Thomas married Charlotte Tone whose brother died in the US Civil War. 


Thomas's nephew was Frank Tone who was a founder of the Carborundum Company 

Frank Tone's youngest son was Franchot Tone - the Hollywood 'Walk-of-fame' film star.

He was nominated as best actor in the 1935 film 'Mutiny on the Bounty'. 

He also had four  wives - the first being Joan Crawford. 


 James Arthur Moughtin (1818, Jurby), a carpenter/ shipwright, marries Eliza Skillicorn (1816 or 1818-1842) on 20 May 1840 at St Philip's, Liverpool.


Eliza Morton age 26, died on 29th July 1842 of "inflammation of the bowels", wife of James Morton shipwright. John Skillicorn was present  at her death at Norfolk St, Liverpool; and notified the registrar. Norfolk St runs up from the dock road just north of Parliament St.


remarries - Sarah Johnson (1827 Liverpool) on 22 May, 1845) again at St. Philip's Liverpool;  


Sarah’s elder sister and father were christened at Eccleston, on the estate just south of Chester of the Duke of Westminster.  However, the original church was demolished by the Duke who decided it was not grand enough for his estate.  He built another on the same site in 1900. However one wall of the old Church still stands in the grounds. 

The Cheshire Records Office has the baptism record of Sarah’s older sister Esther in 1823 as well as her father’s baptism record from 1793. 
William Johnson was a farmer in Eccleston, probably a tenant farmer on the Eaton estate. 

In 1793 there were only five baptisms in the Eccleston Church. It must have been quite a privilege to be recorded in the Church which was probably why William took several of his children to be baptized there after he moved to Liverpool. 


their children are James (21 January 1846, Liverpool), Mary (1848), William (1849-1853), Walter (1855), Sarah (1862, West Derby)

Here is the family tree which originates from James’ brother, Walter (1855) - thanks to Don Lawson, of Toronto.


James Moughtin  (21.1.1846 at 14 St Anne Street, Liverpool ), a bootmaker/shoemaker, marries Sarah Ann Haigh (1850 Liverpool) in 1874 at St. Philip’s Church; 


Sarah’s father was Benjamin Haigh, shipwright.


their children are James (1874), Sarah (1879), Thomas (1882), Alexander (1885), Benjamin twin (1/4/1887), William twin (1887 -1890), John  (1890), Margaret (sb1891), Walter (1887),


Benjamin Moughtin (1887-1958) marries Elizabeth Roberts; 

their children are Walter Haigh (30 March, 1913), Benjamin and Phyllis


Some interesting facts from the Moughtin family tree

*     Moughtin’s ran five licensed establishments in the area just west of the Blue Mountains, Australia, in the In the second half of the 19th century

*     Elton Moughton who was a prominent architect in central Florida in the 1920's

 *    The senior first officer on the Cunard ship RMS Laconia in 1930 is shown as S W Moughtin RN RNR.

My thanks to Liz Furley, Don Lawson, Pat and Wally Moughtin, Pam Moughton, for their invaluable work in producing this information. 

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