Our upgrade – and the Holy Spirit asks our permission.

As I sit down at my desk, a message appears on desktop: “Upgrade to macOS Sierra” Should I hesitate, I am then informed: “Get Siri and a whole lot more on your Mac.” Enticing. It’s upgrade time. So I have the opportunity to download some files from afar, then my Mac will then ask for my permission by asking for (yet another) password – and we’re off. My computer will take time out for about five minutes and then restart. What happens is that the inner essentials of my computer, the holy of holies – even the operating system – are about to be renewed. There’s a risk, of course. The upgrade, particularly if it has just been published, may cause problems. One of my sons-in-law

The most powerful dynamic is when my dream becomes our dream

“You have to have a dream,” confessed Billy Wilder, “so you can get up in the morning.” However, is your dream just a fantasy with you being centre-stage or is it a longing to see God at work in a particular way? This Monday I was standing in church with one of our organists, Graeme, along with two organ experts, Stephen from the Diocese and organ builder David. It seems that our present organ is no longer viable and we were revisiting the options. I already knew what Graeme’s preferred option was – a beautiful new organ at the west end of the church, built on and suspended over the balcony. It would probably cost, he told me, over £1million. No doubt a magnificent instrument. Bu

Christian maturity – like genius – takes time.

“The bit with the dog,” ventured Queen Elizabeth (as played by Judi Dench) in Shakespeare in Love. As ever she was Spot on. Yes, the dog scene is indeed the most entertaining part of the Two Gentlemen of Verona! Which doesn’t say very much for Shakespeare’s first play. He writes about love, friendship betrayal, gender identity – and dogs. “I think Crab, my dog, be the sourest-natured dog that lives,” his owner Launce announces. During a family episode of high emotion, it seemed that the mutt “sheds not a tear nor speaks a word.” Even the cat, Launce says, was “wringing her hands.” This Monday Jacqui and I made our way to the Everyman theatre to see Crab and Launce (brilliantly p

So what are we to make of fracking?

It’s strange how sometimes a verse or a phrase jumps out at you from a familiar Bible passage. So I was reading Deuteronomy. Here Moses is seeking to motivate his people in their quest to enter the land promised by God as part of his covenant with them. And in a passage relevant to our Harvest weekend, he tells them: There is plenty of food in that land. You will have everything you need. Its rocks have iron in them. And you can dig copper out of its hills.” (Deuteronomy 8:9) I don’t think I had noticed that before – the land producing not just its harvest but also its minerals, both as a blessing promised by God. In a few moments our school celebrate God’s gift of harvest. Alway


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