The battle over Dr Spock - which naturally, I lost.

The battle of Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care. As you would expect, I lost. I did explain to Jacqui: “But you haven’t even held it, let alone read it, for at least 25 years!” However, she patiently explained that the book represented too many memories just to be taken to the charity shop. So it stays (for now). But I persevere as we downsize in preparation for our move next spring. For downsizing can be a challenge, especially to those of you who hoard. “You’ll never know when I may need it!” In reality most of us live our lives following the Pareto 20:80 Principle. This means, for example, that we wear just 20% of our clothes for 80% of the time. There’s ample room for getti

Does the Shack work?

The strange thing was not just that the Rose Theatre at Edge Hill was full but that I knew almost everyone there by name. It was Wednesday evening’s showing of The Shack. Many of you will have read this New York Times bestseller. At church we sold nearly 100 copies of this imaginative novel from Canadian author William P. Young. Well, now it has been made into a film, a difficult enterprise to say the least. Essentially the book deals with the one event in life we all fear – our young daughter being abducted and murdered. Where is God in all this? We discover this as the father is invited by a mysterious note in his mailbox to return to the remote shack where his daughter’s bloodi

The Bible is filled with people like us, who thought they could get away with it.

For 11 minutes last night the world was a quieter place. Not as colourful maybe – but quieter. The Twitter feed for President Trump was down. I think I should disclose at this point that I too follow the President along with 41.7 million other users. I enjoy having real-time access to POTUS, being alerted to policy developments even as they are made. But all this came to an abrupt stop last night I was out of the loop. As the Times reported in this morning’s edition “Anyone looking for President Trump’s account was told: ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!’”. But why? If this could happen to President Trump, it could happen to any of us. Just eliminated from cyberspace, just


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