Some people can surprise us

“Love without risk is an impossibility, like war without death.” It’s not often that I quote contemporary left-bank French philosophers, especially those who write what is to me impenetrable prose. However, I have just come across the work of Alain Badiou, apparently considered the most important living French philosopher. The big surprise is that even though Badiou is most clearly an atheist (no surprise there) his understanding of the apostle Paul is astonishingly helpful. Which just goes to show how God can use any of us to reveal his truth. I came across his book, “Saint Paul, the foundation of universalism’ through Durham theologian John Barclay. No doubt I will be writing abo

When church doors are shut

If you haven’t already done so, load the app today, now! #TKC Prayer is a key component of Your Kingdom Come, a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for these 11 days between Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus. When Archbishop Justin launched Thy Kingdom Come in 2016 its main aim, as I recall, was to encourage Christians to pray together, in their church building. However, here we are four years later with our church buildings locked. So what happens now? As it happens (and I'm not sure where this digression it going to take me) I’ve been reading how the various Jewish communities responded to the destruction of the Jerusalem

When neighbourhoods come together

You will be pleased to know that I fertilized our lawns yesterday with Eric’s lawn spreader using some of his Fisons fertilizer which he kindly gave me. For Eric (#8) is an expert on lawns – he is responsible for maintaining our local crown bowling greens. Also yesterday I wheeled over our wheel chair (which had belonged to my mother-in-law) to Jan who lives opposite now recovering from her fall. We had already lent Charles at number 2 her zimmer frame, following his accident. I could go on: Anne at one end of our road picks up our prescriptions at Boots while Colette at the other end supplies Jacqui with Aldi’s fruit muesli (“there’s simply no alternative”), I mowed Hilda’s lawn whi

When we need the perfect hoe

I have found the perfect hoe. Which is just as well as the current lockdown gives me the opportunity to spend time in our garden, not that I have any choice such is Jacqui’s vision for our particular patch of Aughton. The garden wasn’t in good shape anyway before the builders arrived – but with their grabs, skips and the like they managed to wreck our gardens front and back. Not that we minded – they did an excellent job on the house. So last year – you may remember the blog – we laid new lawns front and back while creating new borders, especially along one side of the house. The lawns, thanks to John and Ian, are doing fine. So this year is the year of the borders, and Jacqui ha

When we refuse to be fobbed off

Hi folks, “Lord, I just don’t understand this.” Over the years I’ve prayed this prayer many times during my daily Bible reading. For whatever reason a particular passage or verse just doesn’t fit in with my understanding of how God works in this world. Of course, we can try and work it out, having asked for (more) help from the Holy Spirit, even phoning a friend But there may well be a sense of trying to force it into to our intellectual jigsaw, making a piece fit when it clearly doesn’t. At this point we have a choice. We can simply carry on as if that passage doesn’t exist, particularly if it has the potential of upending our entire understanding of the Gospel. Or we can park


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