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“Why the fireworks?” I thought last night. “And it’s not even dark yet.” Then I realised – Manchester City must have lost. So congratulations to Liverpool! It’s been a long wait since winning the top-flight title way back in 1990, some 1149 games ago. Over those 30 years LFC have employed no less than nine permanent managers and fielded some 239 players, having spent a stunning £11,470,000,000 on their acquisition. I have to confess that as an Evertonian such congratulation doesn't come easy – even if LFC supporters are to be found even amongst my own kith and kin. But I have been impressed with Jürgen Klopp and in particular, how he responded to the Lockdown. “The intensity of the

Impossible, difficult, done!

“I know that the vision for this has been around for 18 years and the faithfulness with which you have kept this vision is an inspiration to the whole diocese of Liverpool and beyond.” Ten years ago to this very day Bishop James spoke these words as he opened our Ministry Centre, a significant event in the life and ministry of Christ Church where I was vicar. And yes, it was hard going, setback after setback and against some determined opposition. Looking back a decade later the Ministry Centre project has proved to be a key resource in sharing Jesus in the wider community. In fact, those who spent time and energy opposing the venture have since apologised for their obstructionism, wit

What happens when we kneel?

I prefer to kneel. Even when there isn’t much room or the floor is hard or (as often happens) the hassock uneven or too small. Body language is important as Colin Kaepernick discovered a lifetime ago in 2016. To kneel is to assume a posture of vulnerability. Moreover it is entirely non-threatening: the very opposite. It’s very difficult to attack someone if both your knees are on the ground. Instinctively we use it as a sign of deference, even submission. It’s striking how people knelt before Jesus during his ministry and more than just a sign of respect. That the man disfigured by leprosy should kneel before Jesus is no surprise but for the synagogue leader to kneel before him w

Whatever, don't get out!

“In a presidential election, fear often beats idealism.” So observes the Economist in a perceptive article in this morning’s briefing, observing how President Trump - with Bible held aloft - is seeking to exploit his nation’s racial trauma for his own political ambition. Just a few years back Jacqui and I along with her brother Bill revisited their childhood home in Seminole Avenue, Detroit just four miles from the city centre where the General Motors Global Headquarters is situated in its swish Renaissance Center. From all accounts the appearance of the neighbourhood hadn’t changed very much. It all seemed very suburban and typically American with its timber single-family houses and


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