We need to cuddle our bunny

You will surprised to know that over an entire decade this is only the second blog I have posted featuring an escaped rabbit. You may recall my posting on 6 May 2011 which featured Barnie the bunny. Well, today’s leporine legend is another B - Benjamin. Jacqui and I have been entrusted with the care of Benjamin by our holiday-going daughter, who deposited him with us complete with a brand-new bunny tent from Amazon to act as a cage. Benjamin had other ideas and decided to gnaw his way to freedom. However, his timing was, to say the least, flawed. For at the very moment he made his break I happened to be sitting on the facing settee, even with mobile phone in hand. So I was able t

When guilt knocks at your door

“Not today, thank you.” His face fell, he appeared completely dispirited before walking away. Jacqui is always unnerved when this happens. Invariably her cue to sing the Keith Green song: “Jesus came to your door, you left him out on the streets.” It may be the effect of living in a vicarage for over 40 years, wary of protecting your family from passers-by wanting money. But what do you do when people, who make out that they are destitute, want money? Yesterday’s visit was simply a variant on this theme, when a polite young man came to our doorstep to sell household goods at exorbitant prices. I answered the door rather than Jacqui. The give-away is his id card for an offenders re

What masks do to us

“When you wear a mask, you have my respect,” declares actor Morgan Freeman in the tone he uses when playing God. “Because your mask doesn’t protect you, it protects me.” So we are all now wearing masks to do our shopping, a necessary move given more recent research showing that face coverings inhibit the spread of the coronavirus especially in poorly ventilated spaces indoors. In fact, only last week my daughter visiting from Bedford, a virus hotspot, commented how few people here in Ormskirk are wearing masks in shops – even to the extent of being gently mocked as a ‘coronaphobe' by one supermarket checkout operator. I wore mine for the first time venturing into an almost empty M&S s

Church (but without your trousers on)

The conservatives are the liberals while the liberals are now the conservatives! It’s all about the importance of church buildings, the geographical location of church congregations at a place on a map, over against the growing importance of cyberspace, the world of interconnected digital technology. All this has come to the fore during the current Lockdown as churches have variously resorted to Zoom, Facebook and YouTube (or a combination of all three) for worship, teaching and even fellowship. Brave new world. There was a fascinating article in the Economist last month on how this shift has played in our country. “Online services swell the Church of England’s congregations,” it repo

How the cross subverts culture

Early start this morning – to join in with a family birthday. For once I will be singing “Happy Birthday” without lathering my hands. Birthdays, of course, are very special. We all have one, whoever we are and whatever our status. It’s a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate you! Birthdays are the great leveller and having just finished reading Tom Holland’s Dominion I would imagine that he would argue this, like so much in our culture, is as a direct consequence of an event in the Roman province of Judea, an event which was to radically change the world over history. The Romans themselves loved birthdays, especially when you reached L. But only, of course, for


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