Never – unless absolutely essential - conduct your financial transactions in Welsh.

You will regret it. I learnt that lesson the hard way yesterday when drawing cash at a Santander cash point. As I peered into the screen in bright sunshine I realised that the instructions – don’t ask me why – were in Welsh. To make it worse, I couldn’t work out which was the “change language” button. The problem was there was a queue, and I felt under pressure. For me there is nothing more irritating than standing behind a little old lady (i.e. someone of my age group but smaller) who simply stares at the screen without making any obvious response! So I decided to go for it. I have Welsh speakers on both sides of my family while my grandmother used to sing to me in Welsh. It’s ther

When Sin shows its power

“Gross injustice demonstrates a basic premise: in our world: something is terribly wrong and cries out to be put right.” I’ve pulled this quote from Fleming Rutledge’s excellent book, The Crucifixion. And as it happens it powerfully intersects with another book I am currently reading (in the evenings), Richard Bessel’s Germany 1945. Both document the terrible dominion over human nature wrought by the power of evil – and our urgent need for rescue. To quote the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, “there is no health in us.” We need help from outside, a Saviour. Anyone with any doubts on our propensity for sin should consider how Germany suffered complete moral collapse in the final years of WW


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